Quickest way of applying a layer colour to other layers?


I find myself memorising rgb values then typing them into layer colours I wish to change to the same colour.

How can I select a layer and then capture the layer colour and apply it to other layers I select ?



not exactly helpful since i’m on osx but i imagine windows would have a color sampler / eyedropper available in the color picker, no?



Actually, not. The different color pickers used in MacRhino are native to Mac IIRC. Windows only has one I think - the one you see in Paint - and it’s awful (hasn’t changed from like 3.1 either).

The one in Windows Rhino is custom, and there is no eyedropper function (yet). I seem to recall there were some alternate color pickers you could load, but I also think it required a registry hack.



I am with PC so picker not of use I guess.

BrianM …that works, also with ctrl and picking random layers. Thats been bugging me for yrs, you cannot believe how useful that will be now.
excellent :smile:


(Barry Mair) #6

With PC Rhino, you can edit the ‘colors.txt’ file to add to the colour palette list, so custom name and RGB values


Yep. But there’s still no eyedropper color picker function that allows you to pick a color anywhere on the screen…


(Pascal Golay) #8

Yeah, I think there is a bug report asking to extend the RDK copy/paste of colors when edting materials and textures, very handy, throughout Rhino. I don’t know what the prospects are for that…

Well, I could not find it so I made one


and there is this for eye-dropper



(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #9

Isn’t the eye-dropper already available through the drop menu next to color button? The one from the tiny triangle…

edit: I see, it is just not in the color picker itself. I was looking at materials.

(Pascal Golay) #10

Yeah, the RDK has some good stuff for that, it just needs to be in all Rhino.


(Ufuk Bircan Özkan) #11

I am very surprised as I didn’t know this before.
Now my colors.txt file is going to contain the RAL colors I use frequently.Thank you very much!