Extruding surface along curve (decreasing)

I’m pretty new here, used Rhinoceros Forum.
Umm… I need get a piece like in Foto1 (only that orange-colored). I have the full extrusion (1400) but i need to make it decreasing it’s dimension from 1400 to 200.

I have the flatten surface too

Any help with this problem?
Thank you in advance!
forum rhino.3dm (30.0 KB)

Good afternoon:
Have you tried the command sweep1?
You must draw a vertical line of 1400 mm in one of its ends and another of 200 mm in the other.

That’s it!
But how to trim that corner?

I want it to be continuously.
Thank you again! >:D<

Hello - the curve is kind of messy - CurvatureGraph (Scale about 120) will show you where there are some tangent discontinuities - are the round ends meant to be true arcs, ideally?


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Try intersectsurfaces, u will get a line which u could use to trim both.