How to surface curves and flatten shapes


Hi just having a bit of a forgetful moment Im still learning also sori to frustrate the experienced with my question
I am just wanting to surface these attached curves if I can please be reminded the process options
and the 3rd image how can I flatten the shape so I can estimate material I need for a 3m cnc bed

I ve seen it done where you can flatten a 3d surface to 2d so you can get the right size to put on a cnc or laser etc

cheers Jimi

WAKA CORIAN.3dm (5.1 MB)

Hi Jimi -

Then, UnrollSrf


Hi Pascal im doing somthing wrong on trim for the second shape its not trimming do i need to do somthing to the extruded curve first its just staying whole I redrew the cutting line so all the curve are the same also but still no joy

its only not trimming on the curved part

Ok Sori all good I got it

I realised I only extruded the curve to the trim line not psst it so there was no extra part to trim thanks again

Hi Pascal I had to redo the extrude and trim again I dont know why my trim doesnt work I extruded green line but when I go to trim the blue line it fails I needed to ask what am I doing wrong I did a work around last time but I thought I d ask this time
just attached my file again if you get time thankyou

xtrude and trim surface.3dm (5.1 MB)

Just about got it

Ok finally got it again frustratingly enough lol explode surf before trimming worked