Extruding a surface till another surface

Hi all,

I have been trying to find how to extrude the floors till the lofted surface in grasshopper. Would be great if someone could help!

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Imagine in reality,
your concrete slab cut edge is perpendicular to its surface in most cases,
so if your “red” curved surface is tilted vertically, (I can’t tell if it is from the picture alone).

Therefore, the worflow is to find the boundary profile for each floor slab,
and extrude them along the Z axis with their thickness.

Then the case should be very straightforward.

Hello Zach,

Thank you so much for helping! Really appreciate it.
The rhino drawing is not oriented towards the default x, y, and z. Would be great if can let me know how to make sure we orient the extrusion to the normal of concrete slab surface.

Also, boundaries would just select a single line but I want the entire curve/surface to be extruded. Would be great if you can let me know if what I have been presuming is wrong too.

Here are the files :
GH.gh (404.9 KB)


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Hi Sruj

Please check the attached file.
I think it help you.

20181108_extrude.gh (9.2 KB)

Hi Zach, Thank you for your suggestion.
I kinda knew what i was supposed to do but I didn’t know how to proceed as I am new to grasshopper:sweat_smile:

Hi Reo,
That is what I need.
Thanks a ton!!! :star_struck:

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