Extrude a surface

Hi everyone !

I have a problem. I’m trying to extrude a surface (or a curve if a surface is not possible).

I have to extrude the surface on the ground, who s like an ARC, up, along side the curve in yellow on this screenshot
(Sorry for my english)

If somebody does understand what i want and knows what i should do, please tell me !

Thanks a lot !!


Probably what you are looking for is not extrude, but OffsetSrf with Solid set to “Yes”.

I think he’s wanting to extrude the flat plane on the ground along the curve (highlighted in yellow)?

maybe sweep1 using the surface borders as the profile?

hard to tell from the picture… can you post the .3dm @Stappi?

bois.3dm (1.0 MB)

Here is the file

If i use the “extrude” fonction " along curve (i take the yellow curve like guide)

to have something like this :

here is the result :

But i want that le “wall” follow the arc, that the curve stay inside the arc

I don t really understand this command,
it seems like an extrusion, but i dont know how select the direction , and the mesure

Sorry:-) i’m not really good i know…

i’m not really sure if this is what you want but if so, i used the _Revolve command.

draw the profile (shown in yellow) then revolve it around the center of the circle.


Great !

But just a question : how did you create the profile ?
i tried to extrude the curve… it’s not that … i tried to revolve , but the arc is not uniform so it’s not ok neither. i know it seems easy but for me everything seems complicated !!
Thank you !:slight_smile:

I just did it quick for the example of Revolve.

first I used _Rotate to put your profile curve on the green axis then _Offset -> Through Point using the corners of the flat plane as the points… the inner offset ends up too long so I Trimmed it… the outer offset ends up too short so I used _Extend on it… then added the little straight lines at top and bottom then Join and Revolve.

all that aside, if I were you, I’d avoid doing all that and redraw the profile fresh. or draw the outer surface profile then offset it inward.