Extrude Surface Issue


Hello all,

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but I’ve been trying to use the extrude surface command but I keep only extruding the edges. What’s going on? I’ve use this command before and it worked fine, but what’s going on this time? Any advice?

Thanks.corgi ver5 clics copy.3dm (3.3 MB)


Use offset surface instead, with the solid option ticked.

(David Cockey) #3

I’m not sure about Rhino for Mac but with Rhino for Windows you need to have Solid=Yes to create a solid. If Solid=No only the edge of the surface is extruded.

(David Cockey) #4

OffsetSrf creates a different shape unless the surface is planar and the extrusion/offset direction is perpendicular to the surface.


Yes correct- however extrude surface will operate on one surface at a time only (in my experience).
It also gives you differing thicknesses and edge geometry glitches. Offsetsrf I suspect may be what the op wants to achieve better perhaps.


Thank you!! That was the right command! I just totally forgot.