Offset [solid] this surface ----> Error

Hello I am trying to offset this surface with the command Offset_Surface (solid option).


And this is what happens:

Is there any way to do this as Skin or Thickness commands in MODO ? or any other 3D polygonal soft ?

Thanks a lot

Can you upload the file? On the forum page click on the vertical arrow in the icon bar above where you type your post.

Ribbon_Help.3dm (153.1 KB)

Here is the file David

Hi Bruno - the problem is the splitting of the offset? Try using the Loose option.


Apparently you are right. Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately there is a morph aspect that I am not considering.
This type of bend has a strange outcome with thicknes…If you try it you will see thar the extruded surface makes an awfal twist.
Is not a Rhino problem , is a Geometry problem. I think what I want is not real.

I wanted kind of a clean transition, but I think is not possible cause the surface is going from one plane to another…and that has a downside.

Hi Bruno - if you create a G2 blend between the two planes, and MergeSrf, offsetting will not split up the result, if that is a problem. I’m not sure what you’re after though.

Ribbon_Help_PG.3dm (184.5 KB)

I guess you’ll want to trim the ends of the planar bits where they get distorted.


Pascal thanks so much. I am trying to understand what did you do.
Is the surface in red with the process you mention ?

How did you build it?