Offset surfaces in Rhino 7, shattered solids

Hello All,

I am trying to explain this the best I can as I am new to Rhino. Please let me know if something isn’t clear.

  1. I followed a tutorial on youtube, where the teacher offset surfaces and they became solid automatically.
    Whenever I try to offset surfaces it doesn’t create solids it creates a 2d copy of the surface.
    How can I use the surface offset in a way that it will create a solid object?
    I also have this feeling that my solids are in ‘pieces’: I delete a solid but it leaves lines that I cannot select after/ cannot delete. It makes me struggle with the bulleandifference too and it gives me ! - marks to select the right surface which are very confusing. I suspect that the reason this is happening is that if I extrude something the original lines are staying in the model?
  2. Could anyone explain to me what exactly happens and if there is a good method to keep on the top of these crazy lines so they are not confusing?

I hope its clear, thanks for your help in advance x

Hi Lili - there is a command line option for offsets to be made solid - that needs to be set to Solid=Yes - if that is not creating solids, please post a file with one or two examples that do not work.


Thank you Pascal, this worked (Y)