Extrude problem

Often when I extrude a complex shape, especially one that was imported from another format, in this case an illustrator file, I’ll get problems like in the attached image - some shapes aren’t capped (and won’t cap using Cap Planar Holes) and others are ‘irregular’ (look at the bottom of the t).

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Arial- I’d guess the input curves are self-intersecting. It is pretty common with font curves, which are not designed with surfacing in mind. It may help to CurveBoolean and click inside the ‘obvious’ region, and then extrude the resulting curve.

You can often find self-intersections by turning on CurvatureGraph on these curves (to a low scale usually otherwise it looks like the big bang) and look for large spikes in the graph.


Also, looking at the image, I’d say that you extruded with SplitAtTangents=No… I would not recommend this, especially for curves of unknown quality. The funky meshing you see at the tip of the “T” is probably due to that… Try running DivideAlongCreases on your extruded text with both SplitAtKinks and SplitAtTangents set to yes and see if it doesn’t look better. It still might not cap though…