Creating object thats solid and cap'd from an imported file

Ive imported an illustrator file and im trying to create a file to 3d print.

there is text in the file.

I extrude the text up, then cap them (tutorials helped me up to here)
Now how do i make the centers “hollow” like an O or an A. havent had luck with trim etc.


Hello - if you select both inner and outer curves together and in the ExtrudeCrv command line options set ‘Solid=Yes’, you should get what you need.


ive seen a number of the youtube vids, mine doesnt has the menu or command line like that

Hello - yeah, it will look different on the mac but the command line options should be there in some form - also, using Solid (pulldown menu) > Extrude planar curve > Straight will get you the solid extrusion IF the curves are closed, planar, and not self-intersecting.


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thanks, that worked! thought i played with them all.

well, worked once, now back to leaving letters filled in

Hello - most likely, the curves are self-intersecting - can you post one or two in a Rhino file?


That is an error I got this time.
Odd a ttf from an illustrator outline would be like that.
I’ll get one shortly.

Not at all - font curves are notoriously bad - fine for drawing text on screen but lousy from a surfacing point of view - poor continuity and often self-intersecting. The requirements are just not the same.


ok makes sense, im just thinking illustrator terms, when i do stickers.

bahh i give up, now it works again…
oktoberfest car show copy.3dm (4.4 MB)

Hello - if you look closely at these curves, you see some pretty hideous stuff -



I do not yet see any outright self intersection though.