Extrude polyline as SubD shoudl have a non-creased option

hi all,

I want to extrude a polyline as my underlying topology for polygons/facets that then I want to smooth as SubD.

Currently I have no way to extrude a curve (polyline in this case) as polygons. The closests I can get is as SubD. But the only output is a subD with creases at every knot of the polyline.

So Rhino created this (smooth mode, just all creased up):

instead of this:

Also I find very confusing to have to think about SUbD topology types in faceted mode as being a different thing that just plain old polygons. I think it makes more sense that either:

  1. any polygon object in Rhino should be able to SubDivide
  2. have a clear way to see that a polygon and subD in faceted mode are different things.

right now one of these two objects below is a subD object on faceted mode, and the other is a polygon mesh, can you tell which one is which?


Not that I disagree with your thinking, but of course today there is no intrinsic visible distinction between extrusions and polysurfaces, solids and polysurfaces, and probably some other entities where it would be nice either.

To find out the modeler needs to open up properties to take a look.

I think you are reinforcing the much greater inconsistency of meshes vs. flat mode SubDs:

  • I can do mostly the same operations to an extrusion than to a polysurface

  • same for open polysurfaces vs. solids (closed polysurfaces)

Maybe the solution is what every other SubD modeling program does:

to do this now, copy the curve twice and loft between them… bonus, you can add spans in the around and along directions.