Any way to extrude off an existing SubD edge resulting in a smooth/non-creased SubD face?

Hi everyone, I’m just starting to use SubD in Rhino 7, pretty awesome potential there. One thing I noticed when extruding (using Gumball) an Edge (from say, a simple flat SubD plane with 2 or 4 faces), the resulting extruded face is always creased, even when in Smooth Mode. Is there any way to specify the extruded faces to be smooth/Non-Creased instead? Can’t seem to find an option anywhere. Any help here would be greatly appreciated, thx so much!

If your original SubD plane is creased, the SubD solid made from the plane is creased. If the SubD plane is not creased, the SubD solid is not creased. RemoveCrease command removes the creases.

SubDDisplayToggle command (and Tab key) switches the appearance of SubD objects between smooth and flat modes. These display modes have nothing in common with internal structure of the SubD objects. In other words, they do not change anything.

Ok, that explains it. Thx so much for the reply.