One question about extruding curves

When I use the command extrude crv and I did the extrusion, it see like a superficie curves


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The polyline is the input to the extrustion. You used ExtrudeCrv with the option DeleteInput=No. If you want the input to be deleted use the option DeleteInput=Yes

Or are you asking about something else?

in the commandline,
click where it says output=SubD
it should change to output=surface

i guess for you output is resultados…

I put the option DELETEINPUT=YES but look the same thing. I want to generate the shape that I draw but it looks like curves

I want to do a solid shape, not only the superfaces , then I used the command subD, but it generate curves shapes without solid

To get a solid, your curve needs to be closed. To get straight faces, you need to change the output to Surface instead of subd

ohhhh thank you, you was right, I didn’t see the option solid so i think that the only option was subD