Gumball Extrude SubD - please help

the help claims
" * SubD-friendly curves will be extruded into SubD objects."

I do not manage to extrude a polyline, nor a subD Friendly curve into a SubD.
I only get surfaces / Polysurface.

(Rhino Mac, Version 8 (8.6.24101.05002, 2024-04-10) on intel)

what do I miss ? - a preference ? a hotkey ?
is this a bug ?

to repeat:
draw a planar curve with for example 4 points:
_curve SubDfriendly = Yes
my result - a surface

Hi Tom - I get an extrusion from this, not a SubD - (I have UseExtrusions set to make extrusions, bit surfaces)

@Joshua_Kennedy - what should happen here?


ok I have set it to “Polysurface”…
so this makes sense - gumball extrusion / surface-polysurface respects this setting…

but no subD (as the help suggests)… ?!?

It should make a SubD but doesn’t. I must have broke this while working on the closed extrude option. I’ll sort this out. I opened the issue here.

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