Extrude in once

Hello, ı want to extrude my lines like this. ı make it in a long way. ı use multiple extrude component and give values 5, 10,15, 20. How can ı make it short way.

A specific height for each curve? That many curves? Do it on rhino.
Enable the gumball and drag/click the blue dot in the blue curve.

A random height? Do this:
2021-01-23 03_24_47-Grasshopper - variable cuboids_

Or, move in Z your curves, on rhino, and extrude them down by their own altutude:

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not a specific height for each curve. There are 5 different heights. ı grouped that curves in 5 different curve component seen in the image. I want to extrude them in 5 different heights. ( 5, 10 ,15, 20, 25). So ı use 5 extrude components that seen in the image. Is there any alternative to this.

Something like this?

You can replace the panel with 5 sliders + merge or with a series component.

PS. Enable “fancy wires” on Display tab.

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ı solved it thank you very much. ı try to do this.