Extrusion fails to go in the right vector | HELP

hey guys,

at the end of this code, is an attempt to extrude four closed curves in their x vector. for some reason, they are refusing to extrude that way, and instead, go in a weird direction,

ill post some pics and the code, hope you guys can help.
p.s. the starting curve is 9200cm long.
if you have any q’s, feel free.

Thank you!

מסבכים.gh (37.8 KB)

hey i tried to take a look but you need to internalize your geometries first (right-click the components which reference geometry from the rhino .3dm file and pick “internalize”).

a good way of testing if you internalized all meaningful geometry is to open a new instance of rhino without any geometry and try to run your grasshopper script on it, you will see what everybody else sees in your uploaded file.

yeah. i forgot to internalize… but the only geometry inside this code, is a line in the beginning of the code with a length of 9200cm.

ill try to upload the code once again soon… but again, its only that line…

i can see from your screenshot that the data structure of your curves and vectors doesnt match up.

you supply the curves in groups of 4 and the vectors one by one.
Does it help if you flatten both inputs on extrude?