Fake city volumes

Hi everyone, I’m trying to get grasshopper to turn this parcel dividing lines into volumes with random heights, like so:

I did this one manually, but I have a lot of blocks and it will drive me crazy.
It’s fairly easy to extrude closed lines with random heights, but the lines are all individual segments and I can’t figure out how to get Grasshopper to join them into the “correct” parcels… any one has any ideas?

thanks a lot!

Lines.3dm (476.8 KB)

I would put a planar surface below , than split, than delete all the lines, dup the borders, so you should have the blocks as closed polyline(or just use the surfaces). All that in rhino, after that just extrude randomly in gh.

Great idea Baris!

I just tried it, some parts do not split, I dont know why:

Most likely tolerances an some lines not touching or overlapping at a microscopic level.

oh yes,
for sure its the toelrance, how could I forget this,hehe

Yes, it was that but where few, I just did those manually.


You already fixed it but the easier way would have been to use CurveBoolean inside Rhino and set “CombineRegions=No” and then click “Allregions” in the command line. You then can also see which lines are not connected or causing problems.