Extrude Component getting wrong with surface in 8.3

Please see below, the “Extrude” component seems still get something wrong with random surfaces when they are a little bit far from origin ( but it is an normal scenario in AEC). Attached hopefully help to have a quick check. Thanks!

somethingwrong with extruding surface.gh (38.1 KB)

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somethingwrong with extruding surface Edited V0.gh (40.0 KB)
Honeycam 2023-12-20 18-46-43

Hi -

Thanks, I’ve put this on the list as RH-79261 Grasshopper: Extruding surface issue

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This should be fixed in the next 8.3 public release.

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Would this fix be related to - or also help take care of - this?
Thank you for your support.

I reopened your GH in R8, it shows the error. In R7, it is OK as I showed you.

(degenerate) Extrusion bug or? - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

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Thank you again @Quan_Li

Yes, that’s the case! An oddity, trusting it’ll get resolved!


Hi René -

There is no .gh file from you in that thread.
As for this one from you in October:

That looks like this here and now:


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@_RC I was just coming to post this. According to @wim and my own testing, I believe this is fixed in the next 8.3 public release (next Tuesday).

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