Cannot extrude Brep geometry


I’ve been having issues with extrusions for reasons I cannot comprehend.

Earlier this year in this post I brought up a ‘degenerate’ extrusion problem I had.
It’s stayed the same ever since, however all extrusions are fine although the message gets displayed.

Now I’m dealing with a ‘failed extrusion’ - in this case there are null results for unknown reasons.

I have 18 brep faces with holes like this one:

When extruding, for some reason GH cannot extrude some of the surfaces:

At least the degenerate extrusion bug I could ignore (because extrusions were still being outputted) however in this case I need all the extrusions.

Why does this happen and how do I fix it? Shouldn’t the extrude component simply take care of this?

Check out this behavior:

In the past I’ve had to use extrude linear or extrude along to produce what the extrude component should produce given a direction.

What am I missing or misunderstanding about the extrusion component?

Thank you for your help/insight.

what happens if you pass the complex surfaces to be extruded here? (8.2 KB)


It sure does (thank you @inno) - however that’s exactly why I present this topic; your solution is a workaround that we shouldn’t have to use just like I’ve resorted to ExtrudeLinear and ExtrudeAlong to produce basically the same solid :man_shrugging:t5:. Furthermore, regarding what I show in the video, namely the extrusion “failing” when I use “1” units in Z, then working (but ‘degenerate’) when I use “0.063” units in Z.

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