Extrude closed curve generate open polysurface NOT closed extrusion

Hi all,
My model has many closed planar curves, when I select all curves and extrude them, I got some open polysurfaces and some closed extrusions. I do not understand why I got open polysurfaces when the option “Solid = Yes” was selected.

The command that I used to extrude curves is “ExtrudeCrv”

Any idea how to fix this problem is highly appreciated.

Please post a 3dm file

test-1.3dm (750.9 KB)

here you go

Hello- not all of the curves are quite planar. Use SelPlanarCrv to see which ones are. User SetPt in Z only to flatten the non planar ones.


Do planar curves mean that they all at the same elevation (z = 0 for example)?

Thanks a lot Pascal. you are right, not all of them are planar. I imported the file and did not check if the curves are planar or not. My mistake. Thanks again.

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