Extrude commands, Solid=Yes and curves which are not closed and planar

Currently the Extrude commands allow the Solid=Yes option when a curve to be extruded is not a closed, planar carve. The command completes and the result is not a solid. This can be confusing to users who thought Solid=Yes means the result will be a solid, not that it may or may not be a solid.

The Extrude commands should be revised so that they:

  • Check if the curve to be extruded is closed and planar. If it is not then do not offer the “Solid=Yes” option
  • or -
    Not complete and provide a message that the curve to be extruded is not compatible with creating a solid
  • or -
    Complete but provide a warning that a solid was not created.

I would choose the third option…

The first option doesn’t work with preselection; the second might not be extremely useful if several curves were chosen and one or more were not closed and/or planar.

Agreed, as long as it is not another annoying popup, just print the results/problems to the command line…

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I would suggest that the 3 choices are user options available in TOOLS\OPTIONS.

Otherwise I would prefer Option 3 (with a command line comment and the naked edges marked on creation).

Bumping this so it might receive attention.