Extracting Revit HVAC Zone Geometry

Similar to extracting Rooms by its category, filtering, querying and getting it as a spatial element, when I do this for HVAC zones I am unable to get it 3D geometry? Is this not a function available at the moment?

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Can you share an example of some sort? Is there a Coarse/Fine Detail Level to the Element? You maybe getting the coarse.

I think runs a little deeper than that, it seems as it doenst recognize it as a “spatial element”

Gotcha, read that wrong.

Try this component, we’ll need to get more info on that element throwing the error. What does the Red Balloon say?

The red balloon says this:

  1. Data conversion failed from Revit Element to Graphical Element

I did try the Analyse Spatial Element but got “null” values and no errors

The error should give you the Element ID, you can then select in the Revit Doc in the Manage Tab>Select by ID.

Right, but i want to bring in that geometry into Rhino and Gh, like the Room example in the image.

Something isn’t right about that Element(s), can upload the file? or provide more detailed info on the element? Thanks


Hello @Japhy, I don’t know if @cflynn send the file, but I’m having the exact same trouble.

As you can see I’m querying all the HVAC Zones from Revit, but the Analyze Spatial Element can’t get the geometry.

Is there any way to get this geometry?



Thanks for the files, I’ll take a look in a bit.

See attached. The HVAC Zone isn’t a Spatial Element but holds a list of Spatial Elements that you can Analyze.


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Oh, I got it! It’s awesome that the geometry came in trees so I can use the Solid Union to have the zone, thank you so much for this @Japhy, it will help a lot!

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