Creating spatial elements from Rhino to Revit

Hello, I am new to Rhino.Inside and I was wondering how to create Spatial elements (and then set some IFC parameters) from a Rhino model inside Revit. The standard add direct shape geometry does not work for the job. Would anyone know what would work for this?

Thanks a lot!

the spaces category for a direct shape is not allowed by the REVIT API
see dynamo error

you may need to consider using a different category because spaces is a system family category so its a bit limited

Hey @marcellojs

That is a bit of a bummer, because working with engineering Spatial elements are basically what I need to interact from/to Revit, but thanks a lot for your answer, always good to know the limitations.

What would you like to do with Spatial Elements in Revit?

In many ways spatial elements geometry is read-only. But with Rhino.Inside.Revit it is easy to mix and match with custom shapes and meta-data alongside the Revit spatial shapes.

Guide to Spatial Elements in RIR

This is an example of looking at occupancy and adjacency.


Hi @scottd

Thanks for your answer! The idea is to do energy building simulation in GH and then visualize the zones back in Revit in 3D, color-coded according to the energy consumption results.

In the case of the example above I just did a box to try around, but in the real workflow I would get the breps that I use as zones to do the building simulation. :slight_smile:

We just posted a new build and a new Guide about Materials that will help create color coding in Revit if you would like.

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