Extracting geomety, subcategory and material data from a railing family

Hello, I want to extact the geomety, subcategory and material data from a railing family.

Typically, if something is made up of elements within a loadable family, I need to add a sub category to extract the material or get dependents.

If I have a different element for the top rail and the bulusters- I can not seem to get that geometry out with the relevent material data (if the materials are different between the two for example).

Are there certain nodes I should use for this?


You can query the subcategory or use the Element Dependents on particular railings with a Category filter.

Thanks Japhy,

I am still having issue, my railing has two subcategories, the baluster and rail.

I want to pull each of these out as an element, and then find the material assigned to them and the geometry of course. Below is an image of my railing for reference.

I then have my grasshopper script, where I follow what you have done to try and oull out both elements. When I try and find depedents for ‘rails’ it does not find any dependents. When I do the same for balusters, it finds depedents, which is great, where I can then pull out the assigned material. See script below.

The issue with the balusters, however, is that when I try and pull out the geometry of the railing families balusters, rather than giving me all of them within the family, it just gives me a single one (which is the single instance of the baluster family at 0,0,0). See image below.

What I want is to be able to pull out all the geometry for the rails, and to get the material assigned to each rail, and to get out all the balusters and the material assigned to that baluster.

I hope that makes sense.


Railings do pose unique issues in digging into the particulars.


This might be the best way with native components…