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I’m trying to extract just the glass from window elements, and having a tough time. Is there a way to filter by the sub-category that I’m missing?

Are you pulling the geometry from the window instances? Give me a little context or screenshots so I know which direction you are taking.

sure -
my goal is to export geometry for daylighting analysis in rhino - obviously we can export the traditional method from revit but the gh link offers some potential advantages - having access to subcategory data or material data by geometry being a major one. Of all categories, windows are the trickiest because normally you have to manually change the layer names in export dialog to separate the window glass geometry from all the framing and mullions that’s included in the families (or manually clean it up in rh/gh). And different architecture firms build their curtain wall and punched window families differently complicating matters.

2 methods have yet to work shown in the screenshot below:

  1. Sub-categories as a list, but i can’t access that as a data branch in the Element, and i can’t seem to add it as a filter.
  2. Material types in the family, but can’t seem to find a way to filter geometry by material type

I think instead of separate components for geometry and material off the elements component, a single component would output geometry, material, and parameter data with the data trees correctly linked so one could extract geometry by assigned material. Unless this function already exists in some way that I just haven’t figured yet…
thanks for the help

Hey @dalight

Please see the attached Grasshopper definition for an example of how to get geometry (Revit API and Rhino Breps) from a family instance based on the selected subcategory.

This should help grabbing the geometry you need from all sort of family instances

instace geometry by (1.2 MB)

I never thanked you for this ! great work thank you so much

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Haha no worries bud. They are documented here btw: