Generic Annotation curves in Family Editor (create key plan using RiR)

I’m trying to use RiR to draw a key plan inside an existing family. Currently, I can reference titleblock geometry and/or key plan geometry into Rhino by grabbing the elements and putting them into a Graphical Element component. But, when I try to go back from Rhino into Revit, none of my geometry shows up when I plug it into a normal Grasshopper geometry container and it is not available for baking into Revit when selected in Grasshopper.

Any tips for accomplishing this and similar tasks that are mostly based on 2D linework?

Hi Scott,

The New Component Family and subsequent Form and Curve Add gh components don’t support Annotation Symbol Creation.

The linework is totally different. Solved: Can I copy linework from a drafting view in a model to an annotation family? - Autodesk Community

I was able to get the filled region scripted component to work in an annotation family. I should be able to do the same for curves as well.

Add Filled Region to (11.2 KB)

See attached for adding curves to an Annotation Family.

They need to be exploded first, just lines and arcs.

Add Curves to (10.4 KB)

Thanks @Japhy, this was a huge help. Tested and confirmed, works great.