Extract volumes for Revit elements in GH


I’ve successfully transferred Revit elements into Rhino and for all of them but one I’m able to extract the volumes.

There is one beam which causes problems (highlighted in green below).

There seems to be no problem with the beam on the Revit side .

Any idea why this could be?

Many thanks,


it looks like geometry came into Rhino, can you post a .3dm file with troublesome Beam? Thanks

beam issue.3dm (5.3 MB)

Hi Japhy,

Thats the beam.

Many thanks.

Unable to calculate volume, the surfaces look self intersecting at the edge here.

few options:

Remove or move that cutout from the bottom of the Revit element. (won’t be manufactured that way)

Create a bounding box in Rhino. Type in BoundingBox in the command line and output Solids.

Create bounding boxes in GH using the Element Location Plane.

Hi Japhy,

The cut outs are created by the piles which connect to the capping beam when I join these elements in Revit to make them look right.

I’ve got the same set up in other areas of the model and it doesnt cause an issue.

However, I’ve unjoined all elements but that beam still causes problems.

I’ve actually deleted it as well and recreated so i really dont understand what the problem could be?

btw, your ‘bounding box’ work around seems to work although its a bit more than what revit calculates (bounding box in green below.)

I’ve also attached the updated Rhino file.

Any chance you could have another look at it?

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beam issue_RevA.3dm (15.6 MB)

Try a Element Geometry component before the Volume