Solid volume discrepancy from Rhino to Revit

One thing I found in the Rhino to Revit workflow is the geometry volume in Rhino compare to Revit. They don’t give the same values! The geometry is pushed to Revit with Rhino.Inside

So Revit knows a 1m cube has 1m3 in volume - Correct :+1:

but not on complicated geometry - :-1:

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m thinking if we use Revit to do quantity takeoff and the geometries are coming from Rhino then the data would be unreliable.

Hi David - does Rhino or Revit have it right? Are the overall dimensions the same in both?

  • Pascal

The overall dim is correct in Revit

I’m guessing the volume in Rhino is correct, I mean how do I even verify that with geometries like that?

Hello- what if you do it the long way and export the object as dwg or sat from Rhino and import to Revit - is that the same?


Let me try

If I exported the rhino geometry to sat and insert it into a revit family file, it looks like this, and I have tried all the sat export settings and they export all the same

loading that family into a revit project gives no volume info

where as this is the revit family made using Rhino.Inside

and the geometry inside it

But the volume it gives is incorrect

I have attached the rhino model if you want to check it
RhinoGeo.3dm (264.3 KB)

Different import/export methods give different volumes

Hi David - I don’t really have any idea what Revit is working with - the Rhino volume seems pretty consistent, comparing variously meshed versions of the brep - none has anything like the numbers you indicate from Revit.


Thanks Pascal.

Hi @egdivad,

Thanks for sharing the geometry.
I will investigate why is this happens.

One thing you can do if you trust the value that comes from Rhino is create a shared parameter called ‘Accurate Volume’ in the ‘Generic Model’ category and using the Volume component in Grasshopper compute it and attach it to the resulting element in Revit.

Thanks Kike, that can work, but would ideally like to use Revit schedule.

Appreciate you looking into yet. I can’t work out why making family using dwg export and using Rhino.Inside would give different volume.

The shared value can be used in the schedule. There are ways to have both the Revit and rhino values in the table.