Extension Line Offset Oddness

G’day Everyone,

When a linear dimension has a large step between the dimensioned points, and then a large extension line offset is applied (to clear the dimension from the drawing), oddness prevails (the extension line extends well past the dimension line). I appears as though a minimum extension line length is being maintained.

Red is oddness, blue and green are matching dimensioned points.



hi Nick,

could you please attach a rhino file.


Hi Nick -

It looks like the start of the extension line is offset as required and then drawn to where the extension line extension stops (and drops the extension when the start is on the other side).
I suppose that might not be very useful… but I guess you are trying to work around something and are not getting there? What is it that you’d like to achieve? Perhaps that’d be the better thing to fix…

Thank you for the feedback. Contrived example attached. Notes in the file.

I don’t believe there’s any need for the extension line to extend beyond the dimension line further than the default settings.

Perhaps with extension lines of different length, shorten the long one before shortening the short one, until they match in visible length then shorten both together.


dim offset extension line example.3dm (88.2 KB)