Dimordinate RH-44310



If this actually made it into RC4, it is still broken. The announcement says it is there, but I see no evidence it is fixed.

(Wim Dekeyser) #3

That one is about Extension line offset, right?

(6.4.18086.8421, 2018-03-27)

The offset seems to be correct - but you can get some strange results when you have a large offset. Is that what you are running into?


No, this is what I am seeing, on two different PC’s:


This is with one of the default inch dimension styles.



So here is what I found, it appears that the extension line has to be 2.5 units long, before the extension offset kicks in. I’m not sure why this is a fixed value, but it creates a problem when dimensioning a 2" part.


Here is a sample file. Apparently in feet it only needs to be 2 units long.
DimOrdinate Leader Length Bug.3dm (37.6 KB)


@Pascal Wanted to make sure you saw this. Looks like when you put the dimension in line is where you notice this.


(Pascal Golay) #8

Hi Don - thanks, checkin it.
@donl517 - I’m probably doing it wrong but so far here, in your file, I get what looks right to me -



I’m not at a PC the next week, but that is a 2’ long, minimum, leader. I don’t know of a paper size that will work on.



@Pascal this has obviously been cleaned up some, but still doesn’t seem right. (Version 6.4 RC1)

Ordinate Dimension.3dm (77.3 KB)


@pascal Were you ever able to sort out what is going on here? My guys are still fighting this.