Extending sub d surface


I am driven by need to “extend” below subd srf just 1 mm all around by maintaining original directions shown by the arrows

Does anyone know if there is a command or a method to do this ?


20210304 SUB D SRF.3dm (540.7 KB)

Hm…not easily… thinking…
Try this:
Insert an edge loop close to the lower edge all the way around
Select the lower edge loop.
Slide > Direction=Along

There is a thing to fix after, on one side…


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… and if the extend is not a tangential, but perpendicular row of quads (like _fin for surfaces) ?

_offsetSubD will do it somehow, but i get to much stuff and deleting is nasty.
(still missing _splitDisJointSubDs…)
and gumball scale with cmd… (but not really perpendicular)

any idea ?

thanks a lot Pascal , your suggestion was the way to go to allow me quick editing

only a few precisations :
1-I have used “across” option for direction not “along”
2- could not manage to get it done after inserting edge loop. ( actually to handle edge position is very tricky ) , i was able to slide only original edge , tought i had to try a few times until i got the extension to an acceptable level.

BTW the sliding behavior is very unconsistant and hard to handle …or maybe i am not handling it right
Is there some trick / shortcut to shift edge more precisely ?


Hi @cloudsvisitor77
I might be misunderstading what you are asking, but isn’t this exatly what ExtrudeSubD does when the Basis=UVN and Direction=V?

HTH, Jakob


yess Jakob !!! :slight_smile:
i managed to do it with slide edge as suggested by Pascal but this is exactly what i was looking for

thanks a lot :wink: