Subdivision extrusion edge function

The tools often used in the sofa industry can not be found in the breakdown tool list
jc.3dm (400.2 KB)

Try MoveUVN on the control points after a three segment Bevel on the edge loop like this…

If you don’t like the offset edges you get with Bevel, try SubDExpandEdges instead for that part.


That’s what I mean, let this_ Bevel+_ ExtrudeSubD
Or maybe_ Bevel+_ Moveuvn becomes a combined instruction function, do not separate

At present, it is not impossible, but inefficient. It takes too much time to achieve such a result. It should be considered to refer to the combination of the functions of its two instructions

I think what’s needed here is a new command to move multiple SubD faces in their respective normal directions. I filed for future reference. This way Bevel or SubDExpandEdges or simply selecting SubD faces could happen before it.

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