Extend curved surfaces into a planes

Hi, I have a 3d model I downloaded from a house, we were asked to laser print it. The house is cylinder-shaped, and I was wondering if anyone knows how I can explode the model so I can pass the pieces to AutoCad and take it laser cutting?
Untitled.3dm (3.6 MB)

This is definitely a sketchup imported meshes, I don’t they are usable for the case of laser cutting, in fact these geometries are so bad makes them only usable for rendering and probably 3D printing, my advice for you is to:
1- recreate the 3D model geometry in Rhino with the intent of making your geometry unwrappable. Make sure it is clean and simple.
2- once you model your geometry you can use Rhino’s native tools like , Move, Rotate , Unwrap … to create flat surfaces for laser cutting.

sorry if my suggestion doesn’t imply a solution since Rhino is not an automatic modeling tool.

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