Bend curvy polysurface into straight ones for laser cutting

Dear experts,

I am currently making a 3D model for future physical model building. I have to laser cut the parts and create a physical model. However, I have trouble generating the laser cut files because there are lots of curvy surfaces in my 3D model. Attached is my model. Can anyone give me some advice on what commands I can use so that I can bend the ribs to straight polysurfaces with equal length of the curved ones so that I can generate the laser cut files?Model.3dm (13.7 MB)


Hello - assuming these are actually sheets of material and the rounded ends are to be done as a ‘post process’ then UnrollSrf will be the tool - I think I’d first DivideAlongCreases > SplitAtTengents=Yes and then Explode, then pick one side or the other - (consistently) and UnrollSrf to get the 2d pattern for that sheet, ignoring the thickness. If I understand the question…


Oh yes, I solved it after using UnrollSrf, thanks!!