Exporting to dxf/dwg


I have a stange thing happening when exporting text to dwg or dxf.
In picture below it’s imported to Igems, but I’m quite sure that the same thing happened importing it to acad, but my licens for acad didn’t work tonight so had no chance to test it one more time.



*First thing is that the text is only half the width in x direction.
*Second thing is that the 9 texts on the right is mirrored from the ones on the left which results in different positions.

Oh, forgot to mention that the 9 fileds represents the different alignments possible in Rhino6
Here is the file if someone likes to have a look.
untitled.3dm (87.7 KB)

What am I doing wrong, I would like for the text to be as in Rhino when exporting to other programs.

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I can’t duplicate that here.
I opened your 3dm file, verified it looks as you said it would, and saved a DWG file.
I opened the DWG file in Rhino and in AutoCAD 2018.
It looks correct in both applications.

Here’s a screenshot from AutoCAD 2018:

Here’s the DWG file created in Rhino:
Text.dwg (18.2 KB)

Hi John,

Must be an error on my side then, I will make some more digging.

Best regards