Exporting this simple polysurface results in 400MB 3ds file

This polysurface creates large files when exported as 3ds. It’s not a “Bad Object” and was modelled by extruding lines imported from an AutoCAD file.

Could anyone tell what might be wrong with it?

fence.3dm (164.7 KB)

Hi Daniel - something looks goofy with getting meshes from the object - I’m still poking. But ExtractRenderMesh and exporting that looks reasonable in the meantime.
@Daniel_Krajnik - it looks like the meshing controls for the 3ds export are messed in some way - use the Mesh command, which works as expected, and then export the resulting mesh.

RH-65936 File IO: export 3ds, over meshing


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Thanks, is there a “watchers” account in your youtrack? It would be cool to be notified of any discussion or progress done on these bugs. Right now it’s not possible to watch the issues without logging in: You can't add the Star tag as a guest. Please log in.

Hi Daniel -

No, there is no account for that. This thread will be notified when the issue is fixed.

That’s a shame. A more direct access would be really interesting. It would be good to know what might have caused it and how it could be sovled (unborked).

RH-65936 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 12

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Brilliant, was it a precision issue? Sounds quite low level

m_bDoublePrecision is always set to true

EDIT: confirmed that bug occurrs only if exported far away from the origin