Export file obj fbx 3ds


I have big model about 1300 polysrf and 1,7 GB weight. I trying to export this to Unity or even 3DSMax for optimize.
What I have done jet:

  1. Change whole models to mesh and reduce mesh. FIle size- 500mb but when exporting Rhino of course caltulating mesh one more time even it is mesh. Why?
  2. Took origin models and just export this to obj or fbx but when i put this into 3dsmax they have strange surface that dont exist in origin and I have thousands of them. Some strange holes created.
  3. Finally the worst thing is when I exporting no layers no object names are exported to.
    My program version is Rhino 6, 6.11.18348.17061. I really need to export this to Unity3d without this it not have any sense.
    Please help.

Hello - So you used the Mesh command to create meshes from surfaces, correct? I can only guess is there was something other than a mesh selected on Export, or possibly you used SaveAs rather than Export? Did you hide or delete the original objects?


Oh. I didn’t think about that. I selectet all meshes-> hide -> and found some polysurface! Ok I will try to do something with this file and see what happens.
Thank You

Unfortunatelly still having problem with layers names. They became random object_number. Any solution? When I exporting checkbox export layers is checked.

Here is example what happed with objects. It is one object splitted i don’t know why . In Rhino it is one solid model.

Hello - in OBJ export there are various ways available to handle names and layers. Have you looked at those options?


Please send us a simple example model and the exact options you are using to export.


Try exporting as a ACIS (.sat) file for 3DS

I using setting like this.

.sat working better with splitted meshes problems but not export everything.
I remesh everything and now when i get this to 3ds its working.
But still layers names don’t working. I found that people just rename imported things but with 1300 object it can be hard to organize this.
Maybe there is a option to export just groups/