Export mesh issue

Hi everybody, a few days ago I tried to export the render mesh like new 3dm file. It was ok, the file was a bit smaller then the one which contain the polysurfaces, but I notice that even export directly the selected mesh , if I copy and paste it in a blank file I get a significant file size reduction. Anyone knows why?

those are the 2 workflow:

starting file size (polysurfaces) 864Kb

-export selected
-new 3dm file
-file size 769Kb


-select the mesh
-paste in a blank 3dm file
-file size 48.9Kb

Anyone knows why?

Hi Andrea - and you’re certain that no surfaces exist in the first (Worklow 1) file? DoesInvert select some other stuff you did not expect?


No, in the exported file there are no surfaces. using -saveas and unflagging SavePluginData is a bit better but still bigger. Seams something related to the file source code.