Stampa 3d a colori

Scusate, sapete dirmi perchè Rhino non esporta anche la texture nel file di stampa per una stampante 3d?
Ho provato tutti i tipi di file

Excuse me, can you tell me why Rhino doesn’t also export the texture in the print file for a 3d printer?
I have tried all file types


How did you create the texture? If it’s a jpg or png you must have it on your computer

usually you export the geometry (as stl or obj) and you have to attach also the jpg or png. If you are using an obj file i remember *.mtl can be read

For example, sandstone material:

Hi @m.fruet
.wrl/.vrml supports bitmap textures out of Rhino, but the bitmap will have to be present in the same folder as the geometry file. If you are using anything other than box mapping, you’ll have to bake the texture first, as that’s all you get in terms of texture coordinates. Also make sure to export as Version 2 with texture coordinates checked.

HTH, Jakob

Thanks, try to do as you said. For now I was exporting to obj, but vrml would be better