Exporting Sections to Illustrator showing blank - UPDATE...nevermind

Hi all. I am using the SectionTools plugin, and for some reason I can’t see my sections when I export to Illustrator. The frustrating thing is that I’ve done this perfectly before, many months ago, and I can’t remember exactly what I did!:slight_smile: So…I have nested my array, and have saved as an .ai file, then opened in AI. However, my file is blank. The only time the sections show up on AI are when I choose to save the ‘snapshot’ as opposed to 1 for 1 geometry. Problem is that snapshot doesn’t export the exact measurements, as it truly is just a picture…and my round holes become rounded squares, etc. I have also tried using the export function instead of save as, and I’m getting the same thing. Please advise. Any help would be greatly appreciated. p.s. This happens to me all the time…I figure something out, then don’t use Rhino for months and have to relearn. I’m getting smart and documenting it all, but for this one I actually documented ‘export to AI, and done’:slight_smile: -

Update…nevermind…I forgot Make 2D