Exporting AI file - not working properly

When I save a 2d drawing as AI file, and then open it in AI there is a page with no image on it, no information. I also had trouble opening the same file in inkscape. Any ideas?

Hi @rorytangney
One thing to look for, is to make sure that your drawings are close to 0,0 in the active viewport and at a reasonable scale when you export as AI. Illustrators artboard is rather limited in size, and if you export lines with large dimensions (maybe even 1:1), they easily fall of the artboard. Also make sure that it’s not just because either line color is set to white or line thickness set to 0. Check the layers menu in Illustrator to see if there’s actual geometry. Sometimes it’s just out of view, but actually on the artboard - you just need to zoom out to locate it (do ctrl+A to select everything, so that the control points show up, even if they have no color/thickness). If not, post your 3dm file :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

Thank you Jakob, all fixed!!

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