Exporting Rhino 7 file with texture from Mac to Windows

Hi Rhino forum!
I’m hoping to transfer files with my coworker who uses Rhino 7 for Mac, while I’m using Rhino 7 for Windows. In Windows, I know you can check the “Save textures” box while saving to auto-generate a folder in the same root folder as the .3dm file, which would carry the texture images. Is there a similar way to do this with Mac? We have tried to export using the same method for Mac, but it does not seem to generate that folder for my coworker using Mac. Is there a way we can check if that’s a bug, or it needs to be some other way of saving?
Thank you so much!

Though perhaps not as smooth as you might like, if you go to the textures panel on Mac, you can select all the textures you’ve used, right click, & “Save to File”. There’s probably a better way that I don’t know of but hope this holds you over until someone else provides a better answer.

Thank you so much for this suggestion, J! We will test this out!

Hi -

Note that the folder with images was created to allow Rhino to access those images. By default (i.e. with that checkbox checked), images are saved in the 3dm file but Rhino needs to have them somewhere on disk to be able to use them. When opening a file with images (i.e. NOT when saving for the first time), if the images aren’t found on disk, a folder is created and the images are placed inside that folder. In the current version of Rhino, that folder will be in a temp directory and will be deleted when the file is closed.

Now to the file-sharing part.
I just tested creating a new file on Windows, adding a Picture, saving, and sending that to my Mac.
Opening that file on the Mac shows the picture object with the image showing correctly.
If that isn’t working for you and your coworker, something else is going on.
When you test this any further, make sure that you both are running the latest Rhino 7.6 release candidate.

Hi Wim, thank you for the explanation! Just to confirm that I understand correctly - you’re saying that when we check the “save textures” box, the .3dm file itself should contain texture images, and only when we open this file on another computer that does not have these source images files, the .3dm file would generate the embedded textures folder on that NEW computer, in order for Rhino to access it?

The situation we had is that my co-worker is using Mac to create a Rhino file, which has pictureframes as you tested, as well as non-native textures with a source texture image. When I receive the file on my PC, I open the file and was unable to access neither the picture nor that texture with image, and I seem to not see the embedded texture folder to be generated. Would you be able to point me to what further steps to debug this problem? And I’m running 7.5.21100.300 currently but will check if we can update our work station.
Thank you so much!