Settings: saving textures in file

In Windows Rhino, there are two places that this option can be accessed: 1) in the SaveAs dialog, there is a “save textures” checkbox, and 2) in Options>Rendering via checking “save support files in .3dm file”

Even in Windows this option is not that well known and a bit iffy, but on the Mac side… it’s almost impossible to find. You won’t find it in the initial “Save” dialog, nor will you find it in “SaveAs” (alt+shift+cmd+S) dialog. It’s also not present in Settings>Render (as far as I can tell)…

How to access this? Right now the only way I’ve found is to type _-SaveAs. That gives me “command line” options including Save Textures. But I think it’s only something someone coming from Windows might figure out now with the advent of Versions, etc…

IMO, it should be present in the both the Save dialog as well as under Render settings…

Thanks, --Mitch

Saving textures in the 3DM file is not implemented on the Mac. In technical speak, saving textures is implemented in the RDK software which does not run on the Mac. That’s why the option is not available on the Save dialog. Using _-SaveAs may present the option, but I am sure that it does not work.

OK, that’s too bad then… We have lots of students who routinely switch files between machines… :frowning:


I agree that this is a problem, but it unfortunately cannot be fixed until the V6 version of the RDK is available.

In the meantime, you have to manually bundle the textures together in the same folder. Both Rhino for Mac and Rhino for Windows will find the textures if they are together with the 3DM file. Just like in “the old days”.