Exporting Revit to dgn format with the dgn line style and thickness

Hi guys,

I am trying to create a workflow where in import/exporting a revit drawing to dgn file having the line style and thickness map nicely to avoid manual working on each line?
Any help?

Hi Joel,

Here’s some Autodesk help material on the subject.


Thanks Japhy, can we import dgn file directly to rhino and map the linestype, text, dimensions like what we did in dwg file?
I am trying to cut the routine of using the dwg file as the middle file for translating dgn file to Revit but using importing dgn file to Rhino.


Can you post a small sample of a typical .dgn you would be importing into Rhino then pushing to Revit? is this going into a drafting view or a model view?

BEC_C0001.dgn (139.5 KB)
Hi Japhy,
Please see attached file for an example of dgn file.
thanks for your assistance, cheers.

Not seeing much here to work with, its just the border that has default linetypes and print widths.

Hi Japhy,
Thanks for your response, since microstation comes with the blocks called cell that doesn’t import straight forward, so I decided to attached the dwg file instead, hopefully, this one will works!
Please let me know if you encounter any issues, thanks.
Super T Standard Details_TYPICAL SUPER-T GIRDER - SECTIONS SHEET 3.dwg (270.0 KB)

The workflow that I am looking for is to convert this into a revit details inside Revit project and making it as part of our Revit Standard Details. We have some projects that are been done in Microstation and we would like to make it as our main source in creating and updating our Revit Details inside the Revit Environment.
Thank you

Hi Joel,

I’ll try not to make a lot of assumptions in the choices you have ahead.

A rough workflow for getting your layers to Object Styles would start something like this…

The layer table component is from the Human Plugin.


Thank you Japhy, I never thought that there is a component like this in Human plugin, I will have a try, cheers.

Hi Japhy,

Do I need to add boolean component for each input for auto updates?

Hi Japhy,

What are the difference between these two outputs?

And the category style can be used to assign the style from dwg to revit?

If you setup a good template/standards for inserting>import Cad in Revit you can get all the colors and line weights and patterns (view scale dependent)

Hi Japhy,

The reason why I don’t want to import dwg file inside my revit environment as it bring inside
some cad error and unnecessary items in which I am avoiding it so I rather prefer to go in this
process of RIR conversion instead, it is quite a cleaner method.