Export from Rhino to 3DS Max

Hi there !

I am new to Rhino and I would like to know how to export from Rhino to 3DS Max (for rendering purposes) and keep the layers as they are in Rhino. Indeed I am an architecture student and when I create a 3D model I am used to organize it by elements, for example one layer for the exterior walls, one for the interior walls, one for the windows, one for each slab and so on …

I would like to export all these layers so as to find them clean and organized in 3DS, to be able to apply a V-Ray material for each layer.

I have found some methods explaining that I have to export in DWG, some other saying the best is to mesh everything … So I am quite lost here.

Hopefully someone will be able to help me here.
Thank you for your help.

I ran into this issue last month. My suggestion would be to select the objects in rhino that you want to group in Max and name them distinctly in the object properties tool window… Walls, doors, etc. when you import to Max the object names are organized alphabetically and therefore easy to group and apply material like you are asking.

I work in the same field and am hoping the layering management within rhino becomes more friendly with future releases.

The mesh and dwg export are viable, but an extra step that’s not really necessary.

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I used to find that a meshed obj was the best to transfer models into max. You have to get the right options though, sorry, can’t remember what they were now, something like ‘layer as obj groups’. Then just make sure you’ve organised everything within rhino onto the correct layer and export it all. The obj files can be quite big though.

Thanks everyone for your answers.

I have actually tried to export my geometry as “DWG”, setting a few parameters I have run into online and everything seems to look fine so I guess this is so far the solution that suits my needs the most.

You are a genius!!!