Alternative exporting hatches to illustrator?


I am using Rhino for Mac(latest) and since Lay out is not working I am using Illustrator to produce pdf’s from my 2d drawings. I read on the Mcneel website that hatches export into AI as closed paths with standard solid fills.

Is there another way of exporting and preserving the hatch patterns?


  1. Export 2d drawing without the hatches to an AI file format
  2. Export hatches to DWG file format
  3. Open both drawings in AI
  4. Scale hatches DWG drawing to the scale you exported the 2d drawing in AI format
  5. Copy the hatches in the 2d drawing into a separate layer and adjust stroke weight according to wish.


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What about exploding hatches before exporting. That way you’ll asure that everything translate properly.

Thank you Jespizua for your reply. I tried your suggestion but unfortunately it doesn’t work.