Export to AI

HI All,

Sorry if this repeats – but I can’t find solution.

I am trying to export a rhino drawing (2d with surfaces) to illustrator.

I can export the outlines of my rhino drawing – surfaces do not get exported. They show up with no fill such that it looks like I just exported a wireframe.

I have tried instructions here (windows I assume) –

but still no luck.

I am exporting from top view in shaded mode to AI have tried with and without textures and every combination I can think of (i think).

Is this not implemented? Am I chasing my tail or am I missing something fundamental?

Any help deeply appreciated – I don’t want to have to redraw but will if I must.

thanks in advance.


Hi Steve- only surface wires will come across to AI on export.


Use solid hatches.
The come across as filled “surfaces”.

Right, but not from surfaces- there would need to be a Make2d, cleanup, Hatch, I suppose…


He said he wanted to export a 2D drawing with surfaces.
I guessed he had just used planar surf instead of hatch.
Anyway, now he knows about hatches :wink:

Indeed – I now know about hatches – am new to rhino – so i took the wrong tact from the outset – but I am getting there now…

thanks to all for taking the time. WIll have to explore hatches.


Ok, since you are new to Rhino’s hatches:
Make sure you check out the “Boundary” option. It is like “curveboolean” and lets you click inside the areas you want to hatch, or outside the curves if you want a silhoutette. Saves tons of time compared to manually fiddeling with the boundry edges.
And also make sure you know about “Draw Order” with SendToBack, SendBackward, BringToFront, BringForward and ClearDraworder.

You can also turn on controlpoints for hatches and duplicate the edges if you need to do advanced editing. And you can match a hatch to another hatch.

Good luck.

Oh! Awesome tips — thanks.

I am having better luck exporting the filled surfaces that I need for tests.

I really appreciate all your advice.



I have the same problem, I can’t export my 2D drawing with dimensions to AI, could you help me?

Please explain what the problem is, and how to duplicate it.