About layers and exporting (feature request)

we use Rhino to clean models and export to Lightwave. Usually we get complex models on several layers.
Sadly exporting to Lightwave doesnt keep layer information, so we get an unique shape.
Materials are assigned on an element basis (each single mesh piece has an unique material), so we get a model with thousand material.
Using other formats like OBJ works better but to keep layer distinction we have to assign manually a material to each layer (clicking on the layer and typing a name for the material), so OBJ mesh will have material assignments corresponding to layers in Rhino. Default material doesnt work, it’s needed a specific-name material is assigned to each layer.
My questions are two:

  • Is it possible to add a feature so LWO export creates a file on layers exactly like in Rhino? It shoultnd be hard since LWO format can support layers.
  • Is it possible to add a one-click feature to assign a material (with same layer’s name) to each layer automatically ? Materials dont need to have any definition or texture, it’s enough they have a name.