Exporting from RHINO to 3ds

We’re looking to export from rhino to 3ds and keep as much of our layer structure as possible.
Our best bet so far has been as dwg solid. Though we lose levels of nested layers. Is there a way of exporting and keeping all layer hierarchy?

I think I did this recently using ACIS (*.sat) export. I don’t have 3ds right here to test that dim memory, but I’m fairly certain…
Also from dim memory: the way we imported it into 3ds was crucial. Some of the settings in 3ds import dialog around what to do with layers/hierarchy. Had to try it a few ways before finding the magic combo that preserved layer structure. Also some setting that properly converted the rhino blocks into… whatever 3ds calls the equivalent.

(I hope that helps :confused: )

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Hey Ed, thanks for the tip, we will play around and get back to you.

So maybe I am missing settings in the 3ds import but .sat files just import as individual objects making a bunch of layers. So far DWG is still our best bet, though there are three drawbacks:

  1. we lose our groups and named positions from rhino,

  2. every rhino object in a common layer has two options:
    a) every rhino object imported remains a single 3ds object, meaning that multiple children are present in the layer. (Entity import is very messy.)
    b) every rhino object come in as one combined 3ds object, and thus only one child is created. (Layer import, not ideal but our best bet so far.)

  3. we lose our layer hierarchy: no sublayers! which is a huge pain.