Write gh data to excel- what to use?


I want to simply write gh data to an excel.

I used to use the tt toolbox plugin but it seems to have stopped working. Does anyone else have this issue, and if so, any recommendations for what i should use to get data to excel?

I have all my data, i just want to be able to give a directory, make a new excel file within gh and give it a name and write the data in the rows/columns as i wish.


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I’ve been using TT Toolbox long time ago and ExcelWrite in Rhino 7 but I think it doesn’t work in Rhino 8.

I don’t want to install another plugin so the quick solution is to stream panel data to a *.csv file which can be opened in Excel afterwards.

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Ah got it-
Ideally i want to go straight into excel
So i can use a premade template and avoid pos my formatting. So tt doesnt work anymore
For you either?

Haven’t tried TT and won’t install it again.